PSC Now!

What is PSOC?
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@jaxtakesaction jaxtakesaction.org
The Public Safety Oversight Committee, or PSOC,
is a proposal for a form of civillian oversight for
policing in Jacksonville. Jacksonville is one of
the only major Florida hubs without any type of
external, civillian review of local law enforcement.
Over the years, the Jax Sheriffs Ofce (JSO) has
received the largest chunk of the city budget, with
increases continously, regardless of the failure to
address rising crime rates & corruption within the
department, leading to 11 ofcers arrested in 2022.
In order to empower our community to have a voice
on our safety through PSOC, we need to collect
signatures from 5% of registered voters in Duval
County to get it on the 2024 ballot as a votable city
charter amendment. Ready to join us? Visit
https://bit.ly/PSOCNow to get involved!
For too long, our community has been left out of
the conversation on safety & policing, while
attempts for transparency like the Safer Together
Committee fall to the wayside when local ofcials
decide its no longer in their interest.